Sun Worship



                                                               Sun Chariot


                                                                                  Chariot that takes the sun across the sky,

                                                                                  We’re not allowed to look at you without

                                                                                  Turning blind,

                                                                                  Even with sunglasses on I dared


                                                                                  To see you,

                                                                                  With the highlighted white puffy clouds

                                                                                  Floating underneath you, you higher.

                                                                                  And I was tricked for a second!

                                                                                  I really believed you were the moon instead.

                                                                                 A perfect circle  in the sky

                                                                                 Round, glowing outline and


                                                                                 Glazed golded.

                                                                                 I then realised this false moon circle

                                                                                 Was actually you

                                                                                 That was the longest I’ve set my eyes on you.


                                                                                 I admire the backdrops created by your

                                                                                 Setting and rising presence. Blues, blues  -

                                                                                 Soft pink rolling into

                                                                                 Lemon horizon lines.


                                                                                Is this the point where your golden disc has

                                                                                Finished its crossing from left to the right of

                                                                                The sky -- the horse and chariot have completed their

                                                                                Daily task and must come back tomorrow.


                                                                                The un-gilded side of you must present itself now

                                                                                You have to go the other way

                                                                                Turn around!

                                                                                Darken yourself completely and make your way back.

                                                                                Then -- reignite yourself for the morning.


Yellow Daisy


Look at these petals

Spread out and slightly curving,


They look most  beautiful






The way the sun sees them always

With its miniatures of mirror reflections,

Marigold colour circle convexities

In the centre, raised and straight

With its rays of soft yellow

Bursting from cores of circle disks.


These sun children stay looking at their

Mother Sol for as long as the

Day holds out.




Morning Moon


                             The American sky is not like any I’ve seen at home,

                                                                                                Or possibly, I never remember.


                                                                                                                                          I saw the big full moon this morning

                                                                                                                                          At half past six

                                                                                                                                          There in the darker side of the sky

                                                                                                                                          Glowing and perfectly circular, colours of

                                                                                                                                          Grey, and coral

                                                                                                                                          Textured but as flat as a 2-D painting.


     It was hanging there opposite to where

     The sun was beginning to come-up and say,

     ‘Wake up New York City!’

     And I always quite like it when both

     Sun and moon are there together

     In the sky at the same point in time,

     It feels rare.

     It could not be,

     Just like how it could not be that

     This pinky blue and lemon sky only belong to America.


                                                                                         A few more minutes and a couple more

                                                                                         Glimpses of the moon when I can catch it with

                                                                                         My eyes,

                                                                                         Feeling desperate to hold onto –


        The jazz stops and the radio voice declares

        ‘A full moon this morning folks, it’s still out there if

        You can get to see it.’


Sun Circles

Section of holepunched clear film from my 16mm film reworked digitally





A SUN IS NOT QUITE A SUN UNLESS IT IS RADIENT - Chris Marker quote in 'Sans Soleil'

  • After working with the idea of 'Sun Worship', I started to be as interested in 'the circle' as I was the sun and begun to merge the two in my way of thinking and seeing it. 
  • Also the use of gold was important from the beginning for me because of its history in representing - the light, the sun, the divine.
  •  How the sun has been the most worshipped 'image' throughout history that its shape and colour became important and valued in all religious communities and so in art.
  • Countless artists use the circle, natural light and the colour gold in their works because of its embedded universal importance it has to ourselves and the relationship we have to nature and the unknown cycles we experience in life. 

Van Gogh 'The Sower', 1888. Biblical symbolism of sowing and reaping the wheat fields and the sun representing the 'divine'


Trundholm Sun Chariot, Bronze age. The sun disc is gilded on one side only representing the day and night suns


Nancy Holt 'Views through a Sand Dune', 1972. Majority of her work plays with the intensity of light and creating viewpoints to see the light

'The Sun' in the dome of Hadrian's pantheon by Giovanni Paolo. For me this work relates to Nancy Holt's work.

Garment of the Shogun Hideyoshi, 16th century AD. This vest covered with gold foil, represents the red rising sun which is why I've included film shots from Chris Marker's 'San Soleil'. I'm interested in the Japanese flag signifying the rising sun


Mike Kelley 'Circle study v.1' found on Tumblr. I'm including this image because I like the simplicity of it being only a circle. It seems to correlate to the rest of my sun circle interests

Yves Klein 'Gold Leaf on Panel', 1961


Zarina Hashmi 'Blinding Light', 2010


Ben Nicholson '3 circles', 1946-7. I like this painting because of its red horizontal line which could be a horizon and the 3 circles could be signifying the sun/moons and their shadows


Chris Marker's 'Sans Soleil', 1983. The Japanese red rising sun


Chris Marker's 'Sans Soleil', 1983


Circular tomb at Newgrange, Ireland, built around 3200 BC. It's aligned with the rising sun and its light floods the chamber on the winter solstice.


Pharaoh Akhenaten and his people worshipping the sun, 1353 BC


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